Photo credit goes to Chris Cupp Photography

Photo credit goes to Chris Cupp Photography

"Boring part"

Born in California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona; as a socially awkward person I had a hard time finding a way to express myself as an individual.  Growing up playing video games and not having many friends led me to feel pretty insecure and doubt my self worth.  After high school I joined the military, I was first stationed in Texas and then relocated to Alaska three years later to further my career and find my passion.  I came to realization that the only person stopping me was myself.  So I started going places and meeting a plethora people with a variety personalities; that is when I became more of a social butterfly and began my journey into photography.

"Start here"

I was always interested in things that involved creativity such as music and the arts of drawing/painting.  However playing music was more of a hobby and my drawing/painting skills were not up to par; which made me come to the conclusion that I needed to try something else.  Soon after, I discovered photography and it  just seemed right up my alley; I figured that it would be better than painting sub par looking trees and bushes.  One day as I was out and about I went to a bar Downtown Anchorage with my Nikon D3100, met up with one of the owners, and asked him if he needed a photographer.  I was not expecting payment since I was still a beginner, but to my astonishment, he smiled and offered to pay me anyways.  While in total awe, I realized that I was given an opportunity to turn photography into a career.  I was very fortunate that it fell in my lap, and has turned into a successful career for me.   

I became driven, studied photography, and made it my sole purpose to capture people's memories of happiness.  Thanks to other photographers mentorship I was able to mold myself into what I am today; a photographer and a person with a purpose.  Photography has granted me the me the opportunity to meet amazing people and feel like I can accomplish anything as long as I put my mind to it.